Sample Visual C++ extension DLL

The sample extension DLL can be found in the examples\vc6 subdirectory. It is a Visual C++ 6 project, and is provided for two purposes:

To compile, load softcopyex.dsw using Visual C++ 6 and build the project. The final output is a Win32 DLL called softcopyex.dll located under the Release subdirectory.

Launch the GUI configuration tool. Select "Win32 DLL" as the DLL type, then click the "Browse" button under "DLL location", and select softcopyex.dll in the output folder. You will be able to specify values for output file type, output prefix, output directory and job done message. Finally, click the "Update" button to complete the installation.

If you wish to bypass the GUI configuration tool and configure the VC++ extension DLL by modifying the registry directly, the available registry keys are listed below. All keys are relative to HKLM\Software\DobySoft\SoftCopy.

Name Type Description
OutputDir String value This parameter determines whether unattended operation should be performed. It defines the output directory to write the image files to. The full path eg. R:\SPOOL (with or without trailing slash) should be specified. This parameter is required.
OutputPrefix String value By default, the output filename is MACHINE_YYYYMMDDhhmmss, where MACHINE is the name of the PC where the printout is started, followed by the date/timestamp of the print job. If this parameter is specified, it will replace MACHINE in the output filename. This parameter is optional.
FileType DWORD value

This is a numeric value which defines the output image file type.

  • 0 refers to BMP.
  • 1 refers to PNG.
  • 2 refers to JPEG.
  • 3 refers to single-page TIFF.
  • 4 refers to single-page PDF.
  • 5 refers to multi-page TIFF.
  • 6 refers to multi-page PDF.
By default, if this parameter is absent, the output file type is single-page PDF for the demo or standard edition of SoftCopy, or multi-page PDF for the professional edition. This parameter is optional.
JobDoneMsg String value If this parameter is specified, a popup message box containing the given message will appear when the current print job is completed. It can contain two optional "%s" parameters. The first "%s" will be substituted for the name, and the second for the extension of the completed print job (therefore "%s.%s" will give the entire filename of the job). This parameter is optional.

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