Changes to extension DLL between V2 and V3

The extension DLL interface has changed in SoftCopy V3. If you have an extension DLL written for SoftCopy V2 and wish to use it for V3, then you need to take note of the following changes.

The most important change is the scEndOfJob function. In V3, scEndOfJob takes a single SCFILEINFO* pointer as an input parameter (it did not have any input parameter in V2). If you export scEndOfJob in your extension DLL, you need to change the function interface and recompile, otherwise the print driver may crash. If you did not export the function in your extension DLL, then nothing needs to be done.

The other change involves the addition of the antialias parameter to the SCJOBINFO structure. Since this parameter is added to the end of the structure, nothing needs to be done if you do not plan on using this parameter .The default value of true will be assumed in this case.