SoftCopy Agent

In previous versions of SoftCopy, the printer driver interacts with the user directly when it needs to obtain the output filename for a print job. This presents compatibility problems with the Fast User Switching (FUS) feature under Windows XP, as well as Windows Vista (which reserves the first session for itself).

In SoftCopy V3, a program called SoftCopy Agent acts as the conduit between the printer driver and the user. This program is automatically installed in the "Startup" folder for all users and runs in the background when the user logs into Windows. It does not display any window on the desktop, but appears as scagent.exe in the process list. When the printer driver needs to interact with the user, it will work with the agent in the active session to obtain the information required.

If SoftCopy Agent is not running for whatever reason, SoftCopy will display an error message that it is unable to communicate with the agent. In this case, the user will have to manually run the agent by launching "SoftCopy Agent" from the SoftCopy program menu.