SoftCopy Version 3.5.3

What is SoftCopy?

SoftCopy is a virtual printer driver for Windows 2000/XP that produces output in BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and PDF image formats. After installation, SoftCopy appears as just another Windows printer to all your applications. When you print to this printer, you can choose to write the output to any of the supported image formats.

SoftCopy is truly an all-in-one virtual printer driver that supports multiple image formats within one product. Unlike many of our competitors, there is no need to install a new driver for each additional image format. You decide which image format you wish to write to at the point of final output.

SoftCopy supports unattended operation. This is achieved through an extension DLL, which supplies SoftCopy with the filename and image format for each output file instead of asking the user to specify them interactively. You can either use the sample extension DLL that comes with the default installation, or write a custom extension DLL to suit your unique application requirements.

SoftCopy supports many output options:

SoftCopy is available in two versions: