Uninstalling SoftCopy

Before uninstalling SoftCopy, make sure no one else is logged into the system. An excellent way to ensuring this is to reboot the machine, then login as a user with administrative rights.

The reason for this is to make sure that no other instance of SoftCopy Agent are running (except the instance in the active session). The SoftCopy uninstaller is able to automatically detect and shutdown the instance of SoftCopy Agent in the active session before deleting the file, but it is not able to do so for instances in other sessions.

Start the uninstallation process by clicking on "Uninstall SoftCopy" in the Start menu. This will delete all associated files, registry keys and clean up the Start menu.

If for some reason the uninstaller is not able to delete any of the files because it is locked by another process, you will be notified and they may have to be removed manually.