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Version History

  • PGPNotes has been deprecated.
  • Improved processing and notification of recipients with expired/invalid public keys.
  • Improved parser for better separation of addressee name and email address.
  • Fixed crash when sending to email address containing special characters.
  • Improved parser for better recognition of PGP/MIME format.
  • Improved parser for better recognition of PGP signed message.
  • If there are multiple recipients where only some of them have unidentified public keys, the public key selection dialog may not function correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Added additional template for recognition of inline public key.
  • There were issues found in the handling of attachment filenames with non-ASCII characters during encryption. This has been fixed.
  • Issues were discovered with the handling of attachments with long filenames during encryption. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed character decoding issues for MIME messages.
  • Fixed z-order of Notes window during decoding with more recent versions of Gpg4win.
  • Fixed warning message when probing messages larger than 50kb.
  • Previously, for mails with no textual or PGP content, PGPNotes will crash. This has been fixed.
  • Deprecated GnuPG 1.x support. PGPNotes will now only support GnuPG V2.x. The GPG options dialog has been updated to reflect this change.
  • Previously, PGPNotes may stop responding under certain combination of Windows 8.x and Notes 9.x (FP4 and above). This has been fixed.
  • During setup, the "Make Mail Template" is no longer set to run by default.
  • One of the tray menu entries was showing the German translation when running in English mode. This has been fixed.
  • PGPNotes will attempt to decrypt messages encrypted/signed using S/MIME and fail with an error message. This has been fixed.
  • New registration code is required for this major release.
  • Complete rewrite of decryption engine to support PGP/MIME.
  • Encryption dialog box has been redesigned to support more combinations of encryption options.
  • Key selection dialog box has been redesigned to improve speed and efficiency.
  • More fixes to the "Notes Formula Error" issue.
  • Previously an error message will be displayed if GnuPG passphrase entry is cancelled. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug in "Reply with History" function where the sender's name is sometimes missing from quoted message.
  • If there are invalid characters in the sender's address, this will sometimes trigger a "Notes Formula Error". A workaround has been implemented.
  • Automatically scroll to top of decrypted message.
  • Added support and documentation for Notes R9.
  • Added install component for gpg4win V2.x which sets use agent option as default.
  • Improved gnupg keyring matching for non-English locales.
  • Fixed crash problem when certain pattern in GnuPG keyring is encountered.
  • Previously, the plugin subform assumes that the "$KeepPrivate" field is always present in a new email message, thus resulting in a script error when it is not. This has been fixed.
  • Added logic in plugin DLL to check if it is working with the expected plugin subform version.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with GnuPG V2 when multiple keys are available for a given name during matching.
  • Added option for delegating passphrase entry/caching to GnuPG agent under GnuPG V2.
  • Added instructions for installing PGPNotes under Notes R8.5.
  • Disable strict OpenPGP option for GnuPG so that decoding non-compliant messages will not trigger an error.
  • The registration codes for both versions (PGP/GnuPG) have been unified in this release.
  • Previously, when encrypting attachments without encrypting the message, the attachment is only encrypted to the sender's public key. This has been fixed.
  • Previously, trying to add PGPNotes Control to the Windows startup list will result in an error on non-English versions of Windows. This has been fixed.
  • This version adds support for Notes R8.
  • Unified installer now allows user to choose which version of PGPNotes (PGP 5.5.x/PGP 6.x/GnuPG) to install during installation.
  • Now, installer automatically searches for the Notes client in all the known default locations.
  • Previously, certain short Internet email addresses may trigger a Notes formula error during encryption. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed timeout of cached passphrase in PGPNotes tray control.
  • Added template version number to the PGPNotes subform.
  • Added automatic detection of PGP content in message body.
  • When GnuPG encryption or decryption fails, the full console log is now displayed in the error message box.
  • Added .ASC and .GPG to the list of extensions that are automatically processed as encrypted attachments.
  • Improved compatibility with Gpg4win V1.1.3.
  • Previously, when encrypted text that extends beyond 80 characters is encountered, decryption may not be successful. This has been fixed.
  • When a recipient's public key cannot be uniquely identified, the list of alternative public keys presented now includes keys from the same mail domain.
  • In the previous version of PGPNotes/GnuPG, a debug log is always written to "C:\PGPNOTES.LOG". This has been fixed.
  • Fixed CR/LF not handled correctly by PGPNotes/GnuPG under some circumstances.
  • PGPNotes now targets Gpg4win package for baseline GnuPG installation.
  • The GnuPG version of PGPNotes has been renamed "PGPNotes for GnuPG".
  • Added support and documentation for Notes R7.
  • Added main window for PGPNotes Control so that it can be operated by users without access to the system tray.
  • Added additional check during installation that user has selected the Notes Client folder.
  • Previously for PGPNotes/WinPT, when an invalid passphrase is entered more than once, the plugin will terminate with an error message. This has been fixed.
  • Added "PGP_SilentMode" field in Notes template for suppressing "Error in loading DLL" error messages when PGP or WinPT is not installed. This is to support the use of a single mail template for both users with and without PGPNotes. By default, this feature is disabled, but the administrator can turn it on by setting the default field value to "1".
  • Changed default path to GnuPG executable in PGPNotes Tray Control for WinPT 1.0RC2.
  • Added support for GnuPG V1.4.x (for newer beta versions of WinPT).
  • Added detail error dialog box to display console details after fatal GnuPG errors.
  • The previous version of PGPNotes for WinPT has command logging permanently enabled (writes to C:\PGPNOTES.LOG by default). This has been fixed.
  • When decrypting non-PGP content with WinPT/GnuPG, the error message displayed does not describe the error condition clearly. This has been fixed.
  • Under certain situations, the option to specify the path of the GnuPG executable does not show up in the configuration dialog box. This has been fixed.
  • This version is now branded under DobySoft instead of CTech Software.
  • Added new registration system so that license key can be sent out faster via automated system.
  • The documentation is now in .chm format.
  • Remove checking of recipient public keys if clear-signing message only. This allows the sending of clear-signed messages to recipients without public keys in the keyring.
  • Support for Domino R6 added, tested and documented.
  • A minor grammatical error in the demo notice is fixed.
  • The encryption dialog box now remembers and defaults to the last used encryption options.
  • The registration engine is modified as part of our plan to standardize this module across all our products. There are no other functional changes.
  • Added support for GnuPG 1.0.6/WinPT 0.5.5.
  • Consolidated and redesigned the documentation.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to detach an attachment which has a filename without an extension.
  • Fixed a bug on password caching for Win2K.
  • Added message clearsign option.
  • First release.

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