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Download Free Trial

The trial version of PGPNotes is fully functional, except that the public key import and file decryption functions are disabled.

We have also included local mirrors of PGP and Gpg4win that are required for PGPNotes to work correctly.

Note: Windows XP/SP2 has security features to warn you about downloading or opening files which might have been altered. When you are downloading DobySoft products directly from the DobySoft website, no such risk exists because the files could not have been tampered with!

(6,773,824 bytes)
 PGPNotes Ver 2.1.7 (Trial)
(8,132,779 bytes)
 PGP Freeware V6.5.8 (Local mirror)
(28,488,072 bytes)
 Gpg4win 3.1.5 (Local mirror)

The trial version can be registered after you make a purchase.

Note: If you have are currently using PGPNotes V1.x, your existing registration code will not work with this new version. If you have made your purchase within the last 12 months, please email us for a new registration code. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a new license.

The last version of PGPNotes V1.x is available for download here.

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