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Here are a few things you should look out for before deciding on which Java EXE maker to use for your applications.

Task List

Does the product require the modification of your source code? Some products require you to modify your source code and recompile your application before they can generate an executable for you. NativeJ works directly with your compiled application without any source code changes.

Does the generated EXE run java(w).exe in a separate process? Some products generate executables that run java(w).exe in a separate process, instead of running the JVM DLL in process. The effect of this is that whenever the executable is launched, the user will see an additional java(w).exe in the task list, which leads to unnecessary confusion. Each executable generated by NativeJ has a one-to-one correspondence in the Windows task list.

Does the product give you the flexibility of embedding multiple JAR files? Some products restrict the number of JAR files you can embed in the final executable. In the extreme case, you are limited to embedding no more than one JAR file! NativeJ places no restriction on the number of JAR files you can embed. In fact, you can even choose to selectively embed only certain JAR files, while leaving other JAR files required by your application unembedded.

Does the product let you embed multi-icon ICO files? A single ICO file can contain multiple icons. This is particularly useful for including the same icon in multiple resolution or color depth so that Windows can display the icon that best suits the target system. Some products restrict you to single-icon ICO files, but NativeJ places no such restrictions.

Does the product let you generate native Win64 launchers? Some products only generate Win32 EXEs that works only with 32-bit Java runtimes, while others may generate Win32 EXEs that launches the 64-bit java(w).exe in a separate process. NativeJ generates native Win64 launchers that interfaces with the 64-bit JRE directly.

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