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Changes in V4

These are the main changes in KeyPass V4:

*New database format that is up to 10x smaller.

*Auto association, so that entries that you have used on a particular window will automatically appear at the top of the popup menu.

*Import/export of CSV files.

*Find function now highlights search terms within the search results.

*New "Favorites" list, so that entries marked as favorites will appear in that list.

*Ability to configure the speed of entering keystrokes into the target application.

*Ability to activate the KeyPass window via a user-defined hotkey.

*Ability to define an unlimited number of web browsers/applications.

*Ability to support any arbitrary keystroke or delay in the login script.

*The Enterprise Edition now supports multiple read-only passwords as well as security tags for configuring password-specific views of the database.

*Ability to attach files to the database, which will automatically be encrypted using the same Blowfish algorithm.

*Ability to replace the default login script with a user-defined one.

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