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*Does the enterprise version of KeyPass prevent the user from looking at the passwords in the database?

No. Although the KeyPass application itself does prevent the user from peeking at the passwords directly, there are other indirect ways of doing so eg. "pumping" the passwords into Notepad. Unfortunately, there is no feasible way to prevent the user from peeking at the passwords as long as he can use them.

*I lost my master password so now I cannot access the KeyPass database. Uninstalling it doesn't help. Is there anyway i can fix this?

There is nothing we can do if you lose your master password. KeyPass uses strong encryption to scramble the content of its database, and the master password is the only "key" to unscramble the encrypted content.

*I formatted my machine and reinstalled KeyPass. How do I reimport my original KeyPass database?

The easiest way is to make sure you create a backup before the reinstallation. Then you can use the "Restore backup" function to recover the database after the reinstallation.

*Is there an undo function in KeyPass?

Yes! You can undo deletion of entries, fields and actions (in login script) by right-clicking in the white area of the treeview, field or login script pane to bring up the context menu, then selecting undo. You can undo up to 32 previous deletions.

*Why is the undo function not listed under the "Edit" menu?

The reason is because there are separate undo stacks for entries, fields and actions (in the login script). Hence it makes more sense to list the undo function under the individual context menus.

*How do I print a report of all the entries in the database?

You can export the database to a Netscape Navigator/Mozilla bookmark file (which generates a .htm file), then open it using any web browser for viewing/printing, or import it into any word processor for editing.

*Why wouldn't KeyPass autostart when I plug in my USB drive?

Make sure that: 1) You have copied the KeyPass files to a folder called "KeyPass" on your USB drive. 2) KEYLOAD.EXE has been installed in your Startup folder via the "Enable Autostart" function in Preferences. 3) KEYLOAD.EXE is shown to be running in Task Manager.

*For some reason, launching a web address does not open the URL in a new Internet Explorer window, but reuses the IE window that is currently in focus. How do I change that?

In Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options, then select the "Advanced" tab. Under "Browsing", remove the checkmark in "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts". Click on Apply, then OK. Close all existing IE windows. Everything should now open in a new IE window.

*The use of "<Select All>" in the login script does not seem to work for certain applications. What should I do?

"<Select All>" will send Ctrl-A to the target application, which is the standard shortcut for "Select All" in Windows applications. It allows subsequent keyboard entries to override whatever value was originally in the target field. Unfortunately, some applications either do not support the shortcut (eg. terminal apps), or worse, use it for some other function! For such applications, delete all instances of "<Select All>" from the login script.

*Is there any quick way to view the password of a particular entry in the database?

Yes. Double-click on the password to bring up the "Edit Field" window. Uncheck the "Password field" checkbox, which will instantly reveal the content of the password. Check the "Password field" checkbox again to mask the password, then click "Cancel" to dismiss the "Edit field" window.

*After I exit KeyPass, something keeps me from ejecting the USB drive. What should I do?

KeyPass injects KEYHOOK.DLL into the Windows system hook chain to intercept keyboard and mouse messages. This DLL will be attached to all processes, and will remain in memory for a short period of time after KeyPass exits. According to Microsoft's documentation, the DLL will eventually unload, but the exact time required is not specified. Experimentally, we have determine the time taken to be between 1 to 3 minutes. Typically, the DLL instances attached to Explorer windows take the longest to unload. However, if your USB drive is configured for quick removal (default), we have found that it is quite safe to physically remove the thumbdrive if there is no activity on the LED indicator, even when Windows refuses to release it.

*We have four field technicians with laptops. We want to use the Enterprise Edition of KeyPass to maintain a reference database on the office server and synchronize with copies of the database on each laptop. How many licenses do we need?

You will need one license for each laptop, plus another for the office server i.e. 5 licenses.

*How do I write the login script for a website where the username is on one page and the password is on another?

Unfortunately, you can't. You will have to use the field entry function to enter the username first followed by the password on the next page.

*Can V4 database be read by KeyPass V3?

Yes. Under "Preferences/General/Database", uncheck "Save in new format". This will save the database in a format that can be read by KeyPass V3. However, all V4-specific properties will be lost.

*Help! The KeyPass main window has disappeared or is stuck permanently in a minimized position.

This is likely due to bad window position information saved during the previous session. To reset this information, hold down the SHIFT key and double-clicking on the KeyPass tray icon. This will reset the main window to the upper-left corner of the primary monitor.

*Why can't KeyPass enter non-English characters like "ñ" or "ç" for me, though it can display them correctly?

KeyPass can only inject characters that can be entered with a single keystroke. Characters that require multiple keystrokes to input cannot be injected. A workaround is to copy the field content to the clipboard and paste it into the target field.

*What is the upgrade policy for KeyPass?

Each license entitles you to all version updates within 12 months from the date of purchase, as well as technical support via email.

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