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Enterprise Features

*New! Support for multiple read-only passwords.

*New! Custom view of master database for different login users.

KeyPass is a convenient tool which could be used by enterprise administrators to distribute passwords to users. Instead of forcing users to remember passwords for enterprise resources and applications, an administrator can store all of them in KeyPass, assign different read-only passwords and distribute them to users. In this way, users only need to remember one master password in order to access all enterprise resources and applications. In addition, they will only be able to use the information in KeyPass, but will not be able to modify them. Only the administrator has the authority to update the passwords in the database.

Using KeyPass in the enterprise
Using KeyPass in the enterprise

Passwords distributed to users via KeyPass can be updated automatically via the network whenever there are changes. To do this, the administrator maintains the reference copy of the KeyPass database at a particular network share (eg. \\SERVER\SHARED\KEYPASS). When the reference database is updated by the administrator, KeyPass will automatically update the local read-only database at the user's machine to the latest version.

The administrator can assign different views of the master database to different users. This involves assigning security tags to database entries so that only those passwords with matching tags can view those entries. This security mechanism is very flexible as the administrator is able to create different views for different users without having to maintain multiple master databases.

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