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Download Free Trial

The Free Edition of KeyPass has all the features of the Standard Edition, except that you are restricted to adding a maximum of 10 entries to the database. You can also test the enterprise features with the Free Edition (subject to the 10-entry limitation).

Note: Windows XP/SP2 has security features to warn you about downloading or opening files which might have been altered. When you are downloading DobySoft products directly from the DobySoft website, no such risk exists because the files could not have been tampered with!

(2,782,551 bytes)
 KeyPass Ver 4.9.22 (Self-Extracting Installer). Note: If you intend to run KeyPass from your USB flash drive, use the "Portable ZIP Version" instead of this installer.
(2,446,829 bytes)
 KeyPass Ver 4.9.22 (Portable ZIP Version). Extract to X:\KeyPass, where X is the drive letter of your USB flash drive.
(2,448,908 bytes)
 KeyPass Ver 4.9.22 (Portable U3 Version). Use LaunchPad's "Add Programs" function to install.

The Free Edition can be registered as the Standard or Enterprise Edition after you make a purchase.

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