Lotus Notes R7 - Personal Installation

The steps below will show you how to configure your personal Notes R7 client for PGPNotes. There are two parts to this process. In the first part, a new mail template (called PGPNotes mail template) based on the existing mail template is created with the PGPNotes plugin inserted. In the second part, the design of your mail database is replaced with the PGPNotes mail template.

As part of the installation process, the installer tries to automatically create the PGPNotes mail template. If this is successful, you can skip to part 2 and replace the design of your mail database. If this is not successful (for example, if your existing mail template is heavily customized and deviate greatly from the default), then you will need to create the PGPNotes mail template manually.

Part 1: Follow the instructions below to create the PGPnotes mail template file (pgpmail7.ntf) based on your existing mail template file (mail7.ntf).

  • Start Lotus Domino Designer and open your existing mail template file using File... Database... Open.
  • Create a new copy of the mail template by right-clicking on the existing mail template and selecting Database... New Copy....
  • Give the new copy a title of PGP Mail (R7) and a filename of pgpmail7.ntf. Choose Database design only for the copy options.
  • Right-click on the new copy and select Database... Properties....
  • Under the Design tab, change the Template name from StdR7Mail to PGPR7Mail.

    Note: Changing the template name is important as it will make the template unique. Otherwise, any changes that you make to this new template later will be replaced by the master copy on the Domino server.
  • Now open the supplied template pgpnotes.ntf from the \notes\data directory using File... Database... Open....
  • Now, click on Shared Code... Subforms... in the PGPNotes template. You should see a subform called PGPNotes Plugin. Copy it to the clipboard by right-clicking on it, and select Copy.
  • Then, click on Shared Code... Subforms... in the PGP Mail (R7) template. Then add it to the template by selecting Edit... Paste...

    Note: If you have already installed the PGPNotes Plugin subform earlier, please delete it first!
  • If you are presented with this warning, answer No to this question.

    We want to make a distinct copy of the subform in the PGP Mail (R7) template without linking it back to the original PGPNotes template.
  • If all goes well, you should see PGPNotes Plugin in your list of subforms.
  • Now, under the PGP Mail (R7) template, click on Forms. You should see a form called Memo.
  • Double-click on the Memo form to open it. Then, select Create... Resource... Insert Subforms....

    If you find that the "Insert Subforms" menu item is disabled, you should move the cursor forward to the first editable area of the form to enable the menu item.
  • Choose PGPNotes Plugin.
  • The PGP Plugin subform should be inserted right at the top of the Memo form.

    Do the same for the Reply and Reply With History forms.

Part 2: You are now ready to replace the design of your mail database with the PGPNotes mail template file.

  • Start Lotus Notes and open your personal mail database. Then select File... Database... Replace Design....
  • Choose the new PGP Mail (R7) template that you have prepared.

    Remember to select Inherit future design changes when you replace the database design.
  • You may be prompted with this warning. Answer Yes to this question.
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