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$29.95 for Standard Edition
$39.95 for Enterprise Edition
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>> New Features in Ver 4.0
New! Database 10x smaller
New! Multiple file attachments
New! Auto association
New! Favorites list
New! Enhanced login script
New! Improved search function

KeyPass is a versatile password manager that types your passwords for you! Unlike other password managers that requires tedious cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop operations to enter your passwords, KeyPass types the passwords for you when a user-defined "hot key" is pressed. As such, it works with any browser or application, including web browsers, terminal emulators and corporate services. You are not limited to Internet Explorer alone! [See Flash Demo]

KeyPass stores all your sensitive information in an encrypted database. The information is encrypted using 448-bit blowfish algorithm and a master password is required to unlock the information in the database. You can be sure that only you have access to secret information such as passwords, credit card numbers, PIN numbers and sensitive documents.

I am a registered user of KeyPass and it really helps me out on a daily basis. Definitely one of the best software purchases I have made!

Jeff Sittler

KeyPass can be installed on external storage devices such as keychain-size USB flash drives.. Unlike other password managers that write configuration information to the Windows registry, KeyPass stores everything in the encrypted database so that it can be run without prior installation. This allows you to carry all your sensitive information with you wherever you go. Simply plug the device into any PC and immediately access all your information and passwords!

KeyPass is perfect for enterprise administrators to distribute passwords to users. Instead of forcing users to remember passwords, an administrator can store them in KeyPass, assign a read-only password and distribute them to users. In this way, users will be able to use the information in KeyPass, but will not be able to modify them. Only the administrator has the authority to update the database. Changes can also be seamlessly distributed to the users by making KeyPass synchronize with a reference database in a remote network share. [More information]

One of the things I like about KeyPass is the fact that it works with any browser or application, not just Internet Explorer.

Matt Davidson

KeyPass is available in three versions:

*Free Edition. This version has all the features of the Standard Edition except you are restricted to a maximum of 10 entries in the database.

*Standard Edition. In this version, all features of KeyPass are available to you except for enterprise features such as read-only passwords and database synchronization..

*Enterprise Edition. In this version, all features of KeyPass are available to you, including read-only passwords and database synchronization.. This allows you to distribute KeyPass to users so that they can use, but not modify, the information stored in the database.

More feedback from our users:

After having used the trial version for only a few hours, I instantly saw the awesome potential in KeyPass and purchased a copy. I have a huge amount of data that I'm always having to look up (passwords, software keys, personal details), and now that I can simply store it on my USB drive in a secure manner, my day-to-day activities have been made that much easier. I thoroughly recommend KeyPass for its functionality (security, simple yet effective macro abilities) and ease of use. I simply plug my USB drive in, type in my master password and away it goes. Thanks DobySoft and keep up the great work!

Fernando Vinan-Cano (Network Administrator)

Great product! I have always been writing down my passwords, now I don't have to find them. The program has great control options, very versatile. The portability factor is excellent. I don't know how I lived without it before.

Adam Chase

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