Note: This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of KeyPass. It is ignored in other versions of KeyPass if set.

This setting allows the administrator to specify a network share (eg. \\SERVER\SHARED\KEYPASS) that contains the central master database (must be KEYPASS.DAT). When the timestamp of the central database changes, the local read-only copy will be automatically refreshed.

The update will only be performed if KeyPass is running, and the reference database is available. Because KeyPass is designed to run from multiple machine, KeyPass will not explicitly warn you if the reference database is unavailable (it may be running on a different machine, or the network location is invalid). However, it will try to perform the update when the reference database next becomes available.

The following options are only available when KeyPass is running in "reader" mode:

These options are useful for troubleshooting synchronization problems.
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