Popup Menu

Activation key/button

Change the hotkey used to invoke the popup menu. The hotkey is made up of two components:

By default, the hotkey is [Ctrl-Right-Mouse-Button]. The best way to enter the hotkey is to press and hold [Ctrl], then click on the right mouse button, then release the [Ctrl] key immediately.

You can also configure the activation key plus double mouse click (default: [Ctrl-Right-Mouse-Button-Double-Click]) to do one of the following:

Note that enabling activation key plus double mouse click introduces a split-second delay to the display of the popup menu. This is because KeyPass must wait for the possible double-mouse-click before showing the popup menu.

You can also define keyboard shortcuts to invoke the popup menu, or run the login script of either the most recent or associated entry. For more information, please refer to Shortcuts.

Reset activation key/button

KeyPass relies on system hooks to implement the system-wide popup menu function. Some third party applications may install their own hooks which do not play well with hooks installed earlier in the chain, thus disrupting KeyPass popup men function. The "Reset" button removes and reinstalls the system hooks used by KeyPass so that it is first in the chain again.


Choose whether to display the favorites, recent or associations list in the tray and popup menu, how many items to display as well as whether to display the full path for entries. You can also use the Clear recent items button to clear the recent list.

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