AutoBackup allows you to automatically backup the KeyPass database and attached files to a specific directory or network location on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The backup files are created in a subdirectory named using the KPBACKUPYYYYMMDD format. Hence if a backup is created on 28 Jul, 2006, the subdirectory will be named KPBACKUP20060728.

The Backup directory field specifies where you wish to create the backup subdirectories/files. If you leave it blank, the backup subdirectories/files will be created in the KeyPass program directory. The backup directory can be a network location eg. \\SERVER\SHARED\KEYPASS. You can use environmental variable substitution in the path eg. %HOMEPATH%\KPBACKUP. A special variable %KPDRIVE% is also available that reflects the drive from which the KeyPass executable is run. This is useful when KeyPass resides on an external USB storage that is mounted with different drive letters on different machines.

The Backup frequency parameter specifies how often you wish to perform the backup. When you first enable AutoBackup, a backup is immediately created, and the date/time when this happens is stored as a reference date in the database. All future backups will be performed with reference to this date. If you select "Monthly" as your backup frequency, a backup will be created every 4 weeks.

The Max backups to keep parameter determines how many backup folders you want to keep. Older backup folders will be automatically pruned to keep the total number of backup folders within the specified limit.

The Warn if backup fails checkbox determines whether you want KeyPass to alert you to problems encountered during automatic backup. If you are running KeyPass at multiple locations, the backup operation may fail if the backup directory is unavailable at certain locations. If you disable backup warnings, KeyPass will fail silently and simply try to perform the automatic backup again at the next available opportunity.

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