KeyPass menus

Before we proceed, let's go through the different types of menus that you will encounter in KeyPass.

Main menu. This is located at the top of the KeyPass window, which is found in all standard Windows applications.

Context menu. This menu is invoked by clicking the right mouse button on various parts of the KeyPass window, including the database pane, URL, fields, login script, notes, associations and files. It provides a list of commands which can be applied to the selected item(s).

Tray menu. This menu can be invoked by right-clicking on the KeyPass tray icon. It provides a list of functions you can make use of without displaying the KeyPass window.

Popup menu. This menu is invoked by typing the hotkey (default is [Ctrl-Right-Mouse-Button]), typically over the application that you wish to provide login information to. It allows you to enter individual field values into the application, or execute an entire login script sequence.

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