Managing the database

To manage the database, double-click on the KeyPass icon in the system tray. Alternatively, select Manage database from the tray menu.

The left-most pane (highlighted in red) is the database pane. where you see a hierarchical listing of all the folders and entries you have created.

The KeyPass database is organized as folders and entries. Folders allow you to group related entries together. Each entry stores important information for a particular application or web site:

There are a few basic tasks related to database management:

You can save all updates to the database by using the File/Save, or File/Save and hide function from the main menu. The latter automatically hides the KeyPass window as well.

The status bar displays short help text related to the current pane where the mouse cursor points. This can be toggled with a single mouse click to display the full path to the current database entry.

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