Exporting the database

You can export the database to one of the following formats:

You will be asked for the output filename. All information including titles, URLs, fields and notes are exported.

The CSV format can be imported into a spreadsheet or some other application that understands CSV.

The HTML format can be loaded into a web browser or word processor for viewing and printing.

The DHTML (Dynamic HTML) format is a web application that can be loaded on any modern mobile web browser for viewing and searching. The database is encrypted and embedded in the web application, and can only be decrypted with the master password.

Exporting to KeyPass database file copies the master database and all attached files to a folder of your choice. It offers a quick way to migrate the KeyPass database without using the backup/restore functions. From an existing installation of KeyPass, the user exports the database to a folder on a backup device. After reinstalling KeyPass, the user simply imports the database from the backup device.

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