Database backup

You should configure your backup settings using the AutoBackup preference tab. This allows you to automatically backup the KeyPass database to a specific directory or network location on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

After you have configured your backup settings, at any time if you wish to perform a backup immediately without waiting for the automatic backup to kick in, you can click on File/Backup now!.

As with AutoBackup, the backup file will be created in the backup directory. The filename will be in the form KEYPASS.DAT.YYYYMMDD. Hence if a backup is created on 28 Jul, 2003, the backup filename will be KEYPASS.DAT.20030728.

To restore from an existing backup, you can click on Restore backup... to start the restoration process.

Alternatively, you can manually restore a backup by replacing KEYPASS.DAT and all KEYFILE.* files from those in the backup directory. This should be done when KeyPass is not running.

See AutoBackup for more information on automating the database backup.

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