When you use the popup window to enter a field into an application, or execute a login script, the window title of that application is automatically associated with that entry. The next time you invoke the popup menu on that application with the same window title again, the associated entries will automatically appear at the top of the popup menu for immediate access.

You may remove unwanted associations for an entry by choosing the "Associations" tab, then highlight the unwanted association and choose Delete from the context menu.

You can disable associations for specific entries by unchecking the Enable associations checkbox. This will allow you to continue using existing associations, but prevent new ones from being added to the list.

If you do not wish to display associated entries in the popup menu, or you wish to change the maximum number of associated entries displayed, you may do so under Preferences/Popup Menu.

You can also run the login script of the associated entry automatically (if there is only one entry associated with the foreground window) by using activation key plus double mouse click, or by using a predefined shortcut key. For more information, please refer to Popup Menu and Shortcuts under "Preferences".

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