How often does synchronization occur?

KeyPass checks the timestamp of the reference database every minute, and updates if the timestamp of the reference database is more recent than the local copy. So after the administrator has updated the reference database in the shared folder, it can take one to two minutes for the reader to detect/update the changes.

The reader can also request KeyPass to perform synchronization immediately by using File/Synchronize now!. This is sometimes useful for troubleshooting purposes.

Note that the reference database should not point to a "live" copy that the administrator is editing! Since the timestamp of a "live" database changes quite frequently (because KeyPass writes certain operational data to the database from time to time even when the database entries are not modified), this will result in unnecessary synchronization at the clients. The administrator should edit his private copy in a separate folder, then update the reference database using File/Publish now! (or manually copy KEYPASS.DAT) to the shared folder once he is satisfied with the modifications.

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